(Denial is a futile attempt)

A few realities about being in your late 20’s:

  1. Damn, you’re old. But you’re also still so young. It’s weird as hell to be both young and old at the same time … but it’s real. This is how you will feel for the rest of your life until you hit 50. Then you’ll be old, truly and wonderfully old, for good.
  2. You want to get your financial crap together because that seems to be the measure of adulthood done well — but you’re also pretty broke. Not too broke to grab a nice dinner with friends but broke enough to not afford the really important stuff. Like property. (The best I’ve managed to invest in is life insurance and, tbh, I’m a little behind on my payment plan.)
  3. I’m 27 and I’ve attended four weddings in the last six months. There is nothing that’ll make you more cognizant of how fast time flies than watching your peers get married. (Unless they start having babies. Then you’ll really feel the burn of ageing.)
  4. If you’re single, like me, you’ll become hyperaware of how important friendship is, how fleeting it can be, and how special the ones that last truly are.
  5. You’ll also embrace the gift of being alone.
  6. Politics will begin to interest you and you’ll even form strong opinions on things you never thought you’d care about.
  7. Speaking of things you never thought you’d care about: you’re going to like things that are really strange. I call them life’s lovely curveballs. (In my case, a Broadway musical about one of the founding fathers of America.)
  8. You’re not going to have it figured out. Whatever you know will come in increments and you’ll learn to live with setting no truth in stone. Life is dynamic, reality is fluid, things are always changing, and your mind (as you’ll find) moves very, very quickly.
  9.   One of the best things is you’ll be old enough to say fuck it to the things that don’t really matter.
  10. And eventually the idea of turning 30 won’t sound so scary. I mean, the unfolding of your own existential acceptance will come with a whole lot of grace and for that, you will be grateful.

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