The Sunday Currently Vol. 1

Now that I have a blog I finally get to do this. YAY!


My friend, Crae, lent me her copy of Michael Gungor’s The Crowd, The Critic, And The Muse. The author has branded it as a book for creators. It has been especially useful in getting me out of my own creative funk. I actually just read this particular line from the book, which was as much a light in the dark as it was a stab in the heart:

Entitlement is not a friend of art. Work is. Pain is.

Ouch. Okay. Thank you, Gungor.


I’ve got a bunch of drafts in this blog that I go back to and work on from time to time. In between, there are e-mails to send and tweets to mindlessly compose.


The whirring of my electric fan in my room. But it’s a completely different story in my head. In my head, Hamilton’s The Reynolds Pamphlet, which makes for very strange writing music, is blasting in full volume.

Favorite part: when Angelica comes in and sings “Put what we had aside/ I’m standing at her side/ You have never been satisfied/ God, I hope you’re satisfied!”


About my upcoming trip to Singapore. How the week ahead is as people-heavy as this week was people-free. Why it sucks to be sick and trapped in bed when there is life. Out. There. Waiting. To. Be. Lived.


To feel better. To live healthier. To be braver, always.


To be possessed by Lin-Manuel Miranda’s spirit of productivity and creativity.


My Balinese nightgown which has, over the years, shrunk in length. It used to fall down to my ankles and now it’s just a little below my crotch. Eep.


That being sick has freed me from the guilt of watching movie after movie after movie. (The Social Network, American Beauty, Mona Lisa Smile. Up next: Now and Then!)


To get doggy kisses from Jabba. But she’s downstairs, preoccupied.




Meh. Like a tiny demon is poking at my uterus non-stop. But still trying to be chipper by randomly (and very loudly) belting out lines from Hamilton. Might explain why my neighbor hates me so much.


  • Maria Popova’s commencement address to the students of UPenn, batch 2016
  • Ask Polly: Why Do I Always Want Unavailable Men? (LOL, not applicable to me but she answers the question so well.)
  • My Viber messages coming in from a group chat named Fragile Boo Boo Kitties. (Don’t ask.)
  • Netflix. Now playing: Season 2 of Brooklyn-Nine-Nine

The Sunday Currently was originally created by SiddaThornton


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