The Sunday Currently Vol. 2


We saw a lot of flowers yesterday. So much pretty.


I’m currently in Singapore and have been too busy spending time with Mikka to read. Which, I think, is not a bad problem. I’m still busy with the Gungor book but I also brought Anne Lammott’s Bird by Bird and Shery Sandberg’s Lean In with me on this trip.


Editing a certain special project, which is turning out to be tougher than I thought.


The humming of the aircon as Mikka and I do our own thing here in the apartment in Geylang.


About the rest of the week but trying to be more intentional about being present in this very moment.


That it doesn’t rain today.


To not gain weight while I’m here — Singapore is a food haven. And Mikka is a food guru. As I tweeted yesterday: “Someone who loves you will feed you. Someone who really loves you will overfeed you.”

By that measure, Mikka really, really loves me.


A Hogwarts t-shirt (hahaha) and pajama pants. They have little schnauzers on them! ❤


This apartment. That I get to stay in it for a whole week. That I’m actually in Singapore with Mikka!


… nothing much. I feel content.




Excited for today’s plans, which include chilling, going to Haji Lane, and grabbing dinner with Andre’s family!


  • Hana Ali’s statement on her father’s final hours. Rest in peace, Muhammad Ali.
  • Facebook ( 😦 ) Had to go back so people can reach me since I’m not using my local sim on this trip. Currently looking at my friends’ Germany photos!
  • Gmail. Got a really nice e-mail last night that I only got to read this morning. 🙂

The Sunday Currently was originally created by SiddaThornton


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