Thoughts in Cloud Forest



“You’re nostalgic for a future that hasn’t even happened yet.”

My wise friend, Bing, told me this a few months ago. It is a statement I still haven’t been able to let go of — mostly because it is so very true.


Today I went with Mikka to Cloud Forest, which is one of the conservatories in Gardens by the Bay.

(Oh, yeah. Hi! I’m in Singapore right now!)

The cool thing about this place is that it is a manmade dome of life. At the center is a giant mountain, a waterfall spilling from the mouth at the top, and wild flowers springing from every side.

The Singaporeans built a winding wire bridge so that you can behold everything from above and take the scenic route through a glass house pulsing with life. It’s very, very pretty.

While making our way down, I started thinking about what Bing said. It is easy to for me to forget the moment, to look forward to what’s coming next without embracing what’s already there, in the present, unfolding.

But as the flowers waved from the mighty green foliage, screaming “Notice me! Notice me!” it was hard not to be anywhere else but here.


And as my friend, who I had not seen in a while, and I took photos and admired the view, I could not help but think that the best thing we could do in life was be present.

Otherwise, we’d miss the view.

And who wants to trade in the world — breathing, beating, alive — for a dream?


Not me.




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