The Sunday Currently Vol. 3


I got home from Baler last night and my brain and body are still a bit out of sync. What I will tell you is that on Saturday, we sat under a sea of stars and waited for the sun to rise. It was beautiful.


I’m shuffling between books. It’s annoying. I started Amanda Palmer’s The Art of Asking this morning.


This. I should be writing more but I’m… not.


My brother’s music echoing into my room from his studio. The fan whirring. The sound of my hungry stomach.


About how great it is that I start teaching again tomorrow! FRESHMEN = FRESH MEAT. Disclaimer: Didn’t mean to say that in a predatory way.

Genuinely excited!


That my bones’ll stop aching. We did a bit of a climb the other day so we could get to the falls and now I’m paying for it. (Glad that these muscles were put to work though. It’s about damn time!)


For more local adventures because this place I live in is truly beautiful and a tad bit underrated. How crazing to think I’m always just a bus ride away from a little slice of heaven.


A Balinese tie-dye dress.


The feeling of a hot shower. My bed. Seeing photos from the weekend that was. I really, really wanted this trip to happen. Was bugging my friends since May.


And it was a wonderful thing to squeeze in before work begins again. I think I needed it. Not a vacation but a space to feel small and awed once again.


Less heat / a kind breeze.


To exercise, dammit. To be true to my word and start cutting out the things that kill me. (Sugar + processed food, huhuhu)


Tired and happy, which can also be the best feeling in the world.


  • The Mana Bites Facebook page — scouting for healthy snacks!

Aaaand that’s about it. It’s a slow Sunday. The kind I like.

Happy Father’s Day to dads, moms, pet dads and father figures all over. Your job is so ridiculously important. (And difficult!) For those of you who show up everyday and love your hardest, I commend you. ❤

For new dads/soon-to-be dads, you’re going to be great. Don’t be flakey. Love and love and love and figure out the rest and know that all will be well. Have fun!

The Sunday Currently was originally created by SiddaThornton


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