Dear Calix:


I actually Googled ‘good things that happened on September 30, 2016‘ just so I could prove that your birth date was an especially consecrated day in the history of the world. But the headlines that showed up weren’t particularly promising. There was a funeral for a world leader, a crazy debate among the presidential candidates of the free world, and a bit of controversy stirring up in our own little republic.

But that’s okay.

Because among all the messy, ugly things that transpired around the globe that day, you happened. And that is enough.

It’s your second full day on this strange new planet and all you’ve seen so far are the bright lights of the hospital room and your parents’ lovestruck sleepless faces. I imagine that their soft smiles and hushed voices will be your most favorite thing, even when you get older. They are the reminder that you, above all things, are loved.

You will find out eventually that there is more, so much more that I don’t even know where to begin.

There are colors and trees and a wide endless sky. There is rain and music. There is food — apples and sushi and french fries (your mom’s favorite) and, every once in a while, the legendary sweetness of a perfectly glazed donut.

There are so many people to meet. There are so many interesting lives that you’ve inherited by default, the friends and family of your parents, who’ll watch you grow into manhood. It might not make sense now but they are your wealth.

There are cities and countries and beaches and mountains and also, there is home. And I promise that you, little boy, have a good one.

I am so excited for you to take it all in; to play and dance and revel and laugh and enjoy the beauty of this thing called life. But I’ll relax because it’s only Day Two and we still have a thousand stories to write together. Let’s take it a day, a breath, a sleep, at a time. It’s only Day Two and we’re already so proud to know you.

On September 30, you happened and you are all the good we need right now. This entire world is yours for the shaping, Calix. Make it better than we ever could have.


Ninang Isa 🙂


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