(don’t) stop this train

Our friend’s mom was always so convinced that the world would end in 2016. We, on the other hand, remained skeptics.

But the year is coming to a close now and history has shifted so much that if we squint hard enough, we can trick ourselves into believing that she was right all along.

The unfolding of recent events — Duterte, Brexit, EKJs, Marcos being buried among heroes, sexism running wild and free, Donald Trump becoming the next US president — almost feels like an ending in itself.

It’s not at all what we imagined yet it’s here anyway.

So what do you do when the world looks like it’s finally on its last breath? How is one to deal with a trajectory that’s headed towards darkness and descent?


We let our hearts break. We give ourselves the freedom to feel and to feel fully. We embrace the wide spectrum of human emotion — they, too, are a gift. This anger, this grief, this fear? They take us back to the part of us that cares. And that part is good. That part is precious. That is the part we fight to save.

Care, legitimately giving a damn, is the catalyst that actually gets things done. And there is so much work to be done. There is so much, so much, work. We’re so in over our heads that the worst thing any of us could dare to do right now is check out. We’re not going to fall victim to cowardice. We are not going to numb ourselves to the heart of living. We’re going to go through the motions, uncomfortable though they may be, because they remind us of one vital thing: we’re still here.

The old world has ended but we’re alive. We’re very much alive. Don’t forget that. Our dreams yesterday are not eclipsed by the reality of today. They are still there, still waiting to roar into existence. Some things may have collapsed to the ground but we get the chance now to build them. We get the chance now to build them better.

If time is slipping from our fingers, then all the more we love. We love with all we can muster. We love like it’s all we’ve got left. (Because it is.) We love like heaven. There is still so much good to curate in this tired, broken world. There are still so many stories of hope just waiting to rise from the rubble. And you’ve got to be there to see it. You’ve got to be part of it.

So hold on tight. NO checking out, okay? No checking out. Feel that wave through then when you’re ready, get right back in the game.

I’m here, I’m with you.
We all are.


One response to “(don’t) stop this train

  1. Hi Isa! I just wanted to say thank you for continuing to share your God given talent(s) with all of us. I had stumbled upon your previous blog back in 2014 when I was going through a break up that shook my world. But your blogs are like poetry and it shifted my outlook on life, loss, love, and your words gave me comfort to have hope and what it means to love and be loved. Now that I have lost my mother I have searched for comfort in your wisdom and it may feel like another ‘loss’ im at peace knowing that in your words ‘Ill be more than fine.’ Because I know what and how it feels to love and be loved. Thank you Isa! Many blessings.


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