As I get older, I no longer worry about my students’ fears
The ones that whisper that they are too little or too much.
It used to be so important to remind them of their enough-ness
But time has taught me that it doesn’t matter,
That nothing really lasts anyway.

Not the love you had for the boy you thought you’d marry
or the dress you were sure would look good on you forever;

Not the golden glow of democracy
or the certainty you had about a war-less future.

No, kids, I no longer worry about your self-esteem —
Not because it isn’t important
But because, in light of this broken world we live in,
there are bigger things that consume my heart.

You will survive your aches,
I promise.
But this government,
This time in history,
These odds,
This hate —
That I’m not too sure of.

And because I want you to live,
Those are the things I worry about the most.


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